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Sawyer's Projects

Stockings For Troops


In 2018, this past Christmas I shipped/delivered 5588 of "Sawyer's Stockings" filled with Holiday Cheer to those who would not be home with their families for Christmas around the world. I personally delivered 1000 of my Sawyers Stockings the week of Christmas to Washington DC and handed them out to Our Wounded Warriors, Department Of Veteran's Affairs, Veterans Serving In Congress and Senate, Our Nation's Honor Guard, Caisson Platoons, Veteran Staff at Arlington National Cemetery, and The Guards At The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, I was also given the honor to lay my 3rd wreath to Honor Our Fallen Heroes for Christmas.

     My "Sawyer's Stockings" project is my biggest and most expensive project I do each year. It is so rewarding to get pictures and emails and messages from our Heroes all around the world, thanking me for thinking of them when they cannot be with their families. I have a wonderful supportive family, community and amazing grass roots following who have generously helped me with this incredible project as well as my many others throughout the year.

 I am asking everyone to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE my project with everyone you know! 

Family, Friends,  Businesses, Organizations! 

Be part of this amazing journey by sponsoring a Stocking!
It takes approximately $15 for each stocking to be filled and shipped

This is such a huge project, and fundraising is vital.
Every dollar helps! 

My stocking project is going nonstop now and I would appreciate your help to 

Make A Difference this upcoming Christmas Season!
Thank you for your support! 

Sawyer's Kids With A Cause is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization.


Bake Sales

In the past 2 years I have I held bake sales regularly to raise money to annually ship over 10,000 goodie filled care packages to our Troops here in the US and bases located around the World to all branches of service. I ship "Hearts For My Heroes" for Valentines Day, "Star Spangled Smiles" for Independence Day and my now "World Famous" Miss Sawyer's Peanut Butter Brownies for Veterans Day.

100% of my bake sales proceeds fund my care packages filled with goodies to our Troops.


Flowers For Freedom

I also have my "Flowers For Freedom" project where I visit cemeteries and place yellow roses on the headstones of our Fallen Heroes. The yellow rose stands for "Freedom, Remember and I Care" On my 9th birthday this year I laid 1200 yellow roses at Arlington National Cemetery and 1000 more the following week at The National Cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi.

For Memorial Day each year I hand out packets of "Forget Me Not" seeds to those attending events to plant and remember a loved one currently serving our country, or in honor of a loved one lost that re-seed and come up year after year as a reminder. 


Hero Rocks


    Since March 2018, I also have hand painted and personally handed out almost 5000 of my "Hero Rocks" to Our Veterans, those actively serving in our Military and to our Law Enforcement and First Responders to let them know they are indeed Heroes to me and to Thank Them For Their Service And My Safety. My Hero Rocks have traveled the world with many deployed soldiers, are carried daily nationwide by thousands of War Veterans and even have been buried with My Heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for my Freedom. My handmade token of appreciation has made an impact in the lives of thousands of Veterans.


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